Eight Years

We are a multidisciplinary creative studio/two brothers trying our best. We design, write, illustrate and code. We have just self-published our first book ‘A Life in Film & Bromsgrove’ which is now available in limited edition print, ebook titles coming soon.

Past illustration clients include The Sunday Times and The V&A. Our comedy writing has also featured in shows by Adam Buxton and BBC Radio 4 Extra.

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A Life in Film
& Bromsgrove

The Acting Portfolio
& Collected
of Wesley Henry

Front and back cover of 'A Life in Film & Bromsgrove' by Wesley Henry.
Title page of 'A Life in Film & Bromsgrove' by Wesley Henry in a skip filled with rubble, broken glass and a variety of plastic coat hangers.
Inner page of 'A Life in Film & Bromsgrove' showing Wesley Henry in the bath surrounded by a wide range of detritus. The book is plonked on a load of old mucky newspapers.
Inner page of 'A Life in Film & Bromsgrove' by Wesley Henry surrounded by murky water, empty paint cans and other skip stuff.
A Life in Film & Bromsgrove by Wesley Henry floating adrift in a water filled skip.
A battered copy of 'A Life in Film & Bromsgrove' by Wesley Henry laying strewn amongst fallen leaves and a paint dappled watering can.
Free newspaper insert nailed to a sausage and shelving unit, headline reads ‘unlikely duo launch books’. I believe the sausage is pork with sage and onion.

A Life in Film
& Bromsgrove

Nicknamed ‘The Local Volcano of Sadness’ for his ability to cry real tears at the drop of a hat, Wesley Henry (43) is an odd job man and actor who lives with his nan and mother in Bromsgrove. Wesley's new book ‘A Life in Film and Bromsgrove’ acts as a showcase for his burgeoning acting and writing career, whilst also serving as a ‘280 page meditation on boredom, failure and Bromsgrove’. Limited edition of 1,000. Comedy/art book/anomaly.

Numbered Limited Edition of 1,000.
Litho Black + Metallic Gold.
203 x 133mm. 280 pages.
Paperback Section Sewn.
Complimentary Newspaper Insert.
ISBN: 978-0-9576521-0-1
Free UK Postage & Packaging.

Local Reviews

Deeply and profoundly pointless.

Takes bellybutton gazing to a whole new level.

Self-publishing has a lot to answer for.

Thanks very much for the book. Already enjoying it, esp. Wesley's Facebook page.

Private email from

What Wesley Says

Picture the past six months of your life. Picture everything you have done in that time. Picture scrapping all that for sitting in front of a yellowing old home computer writing a book you never wanted to write. Picture that home computer being situated in your nan’s house. Picture also living in that house because your wife has full time gone off you. Picture that book being your last chance of making anything of your life. Picture initial local reviews shitting all over any hope you had left.

Wesley’s Writing

Wesley Henry has written things all over the internet. YouTube. Twitter. Facebook. Song­Meanings. They have all featured Wesley's stories about how his wife left him. Occasionally, some of these things have been picked up on. Wesley has had his little bits and pieces featured in Adam Buxton's Kernel Panic and Best of Bug live shows. He also wrote one joke for series 10 of Newsjack on BBC Radio 4extra. That was the first thing Wesley had ever written that wasn't a direct or indirect complaint about his life. It was a joke about potholes.

Wesley Henry out in the wilderness with his National Record of Achievement folder.
Wesley Henry. Out in the wilderness.